Use your Origin Story to be seen as a go-to expert

As a leader ready to make BIG moves, I know how important it is for you to share your message to the right people. You want your message to connect to your audience so that you can provide them with the transformation of your service. This post will give you insight into the power of an Origin Story and how you can use it to grow your impact (and business)

One of the biggest mistakes I see in touting a Brand Story is the confusion around WTF it is in the first place. 

Your Brand Story is your repeatable message on how, and why, you bring Aligned Clients the transformation they seek. After all, as every story is motivated by desire, your Aligned Clients are most driven by what they want in life — and how you and your solutions help them get there. 

In order for these potential customers to fall in trust with you, however, you must demonstrate that you, too, have overcome (or led others to overcome) the problem they’re looking to conquer.

This is the power of a personable Brand. Note: I’m not talking about a PERSONAL Brand, the me-first status symbol that’s taking over the ‘gram; I’m talking about building a Brand that speaks person-to-person, not as salesperson-to-customer.  Your Aligned Client wants to know the humanity behind your Brand; to hear your personal story and see themselves in your story by witnessing that you, too, have conquered the mountains they face.

They are on the edge of their seat craving your message. And what they’re waiting for you to share is what I call your Origin Story. 

Your Origin Story Will Allow You to Stand Out From the Crowd

In simple terms, your Origin Story is your personal story. It’s how you came to be where you are today, and is the bridge that connects you to your Aligned Audiences. 

Now, if you’ve stuck with us for some time you know I teach that your Brand Story Framework positions your CUSTOMER as the Hero. They are, after all, looking to hear how you help THEM overcome a problem and achieve their Ultimate Goal.

In your Origin Story, however, YOU become the Hero of the Story. The purpose? To show your Aligned Client that you, too, have overcome the very challenges you’re promising to take them through, yourself. 

Your Origin Story (AKA your ‘About Me’) has 5 components:

  • Character: A Hero (you)
  • Plot: A Hero overcomes a Villain (problem) to achieve their Happy Ending (Ultimate Goal)
  • Setting: Where and when your story takes place. Descriptive details matter!
  • Theme: The takeaway for you Aligned Client
  • Unique Perspective: specific to you, universally felt

Use Your Story to Inspire Others

In your Origin Story, YOU become the Hero of the Story. In your messaging, show how YOU have overcome the Problem your Aligned Client faces. 

Paint the picture of how you achieved your Happy Ending (Ultimate Goal) — usually also similar to theirs.


Because your audience wants to know you’ve done it and can guide them too. 

When your Aligned Client reads your Origin Story, they see themselves in it. It shows that you’ve been in your audience’s shoes and are capable of guiding them through their journey. 

THIS is how they remember you and trust YOU to guide them. 

Uncover Your Origin Story

If you aren’t clear on what makes you unique, and what your Origin Story would be, here are 3 quick questions to uncover it: 

  • WHO were you before starting this business?
  • WHAT challenges have you faced along the way?
  • HOW did you overcome the obstacles and what would the key takeaway be? 

Once you uncover your Origin Story, you’ll be able to have rockstar copy for your About Page, Bio, #fridayintroductions, Welcome Email…and be able to drop a killer Elevator Pitch on the fly! 

So tell us — did this clear up the confusion for you, about a Brand Message vs. Origin Story? 

If you’re ready to understand YOUR unique Brand Story so you can show up fully, stand apart in a saturated industry (while staying true to your values), and make the money and impact you are here for,

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