2021 is your time to shine.

you started your business to do bold and beautiful things.

but feeling unclear in your message has got you stuck.

as the months (years even) pass by, you feel more and more frustrated wanting to take your business to new heights.

well boss, i've got good news for you:

Next round:
September 2021

your breakthrough brand story

an 8-week hands-on mastermind for impact-driven service providers like you,

ready to move from dazed & confused to crystal clear + confident in your message...

...so you can show up boldly and scale up business on your terms.


1. You'd rather get waxed than sit down to put your ideas on page (the copywriting constipation is real

2. It’s hard to accurately convey your epic impact in words — which you know has led to opportunity (and money) left on the table

3. Like a bad first date you're tired of putting up with clients you TOLERATE, not love

4. You’re not 100% confident in what makes you stand out... 

5. ...which stinks when you run into 10 other people who do what you do (hello, Comparisonitis!)

6. Your last launch sold to crickets, and to be honest, that stung (I'm here for you 💛)

7. You struggle to CONNECT with potential clients because you're not sure how personal to get in your posts... which leaves you feeling unfulfilled and not showing up as YOU

raise your hand if any of these sound like you...

your so-you brand story is the key to the income, impact + fulfillment you deserve

What if I told you:

Now what if, in 2021,
you could:

1. Attract ALIGNED clients even while you're unplugged (you didn't start this business to be chained to a computer!)

2. BREAK THROUGH your revenue goals and expand your impact... which is why you started this business in the first place, isn't it? 

3. NAIL sky-high partnerships, speaking opportunities and press coverage that once felt out of reach 

4. Show up online EXCITED to post as you attract collaborations and business besties you never knew you needed

5. Beat copy constipation and flow with your words so you STOP copy-blocking yourself and turn your dreams to reality!

6. Finally, show up as the Lizzo of YOUR OWN dang life... strutting into any room with undeniable confidence

...and accomplish this in weeks instead of going at it alone as years pass by?

~ Jaymie Tarshis, jaymietarshis.com
Marketing & Facebook Ad Strategist

Before working with Che I was struggling with how to tell my Brand Story and come up with the right words in order to convey my message. 

After working with Che, I feel 1000% more confident when it comes to telling my Brand Story. Working with her also helped me to get re-clear on my why, my values, and what makes me uniquely gifted to serve my clients so I can better communicate and connect with my audience." 

"I worked with Ché to help me with my Brand Messaging and I can 100% say it was one of the best business investments that I have made this year.

As a result, my story was recently featured in Medium and Yahoo finance ;)

In Her Words

Weeks of group training, weekly Q+A’s, and 2 1-on-1s with an expert guide to DIG into your business and message WITH you ($2,000 value alone)

together, we'll write your most breakthrough brand message so you never have to second-guess yourself, or the power of your words, again

apply today +
look forward to:

your message is too important for you to sit on the sidelines.

My 3-part Brand Story Framework, used to win press for clients in Yahoo! News and Medium; present to Conde Nast Publications (Vogue, Vanity Fair); secure nationwide partnerships with leading tech firms, and more

The Questionnaire and Profile Forms that'll extract the EXACT language so you magnetize your Ideal Clients — even while you're unplugged (vacay? Yes, please!)

Custom copywriting strategies that fit your brand like your fav pair of booty 🍑 poppin’ jeans: they conform to YOUR brand’s curves, and support your growth so you don't have to hire a copywriter every time you evolve

Your Brand Story Bank: over a dozen templates which we'll write together and then AMPLIFY across your highest-converting customer touchpoints  — on your website; social media; press pitches, and more!

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