What’s possible through Brand Story

It can be tiring wanting to take up space but struggling to make it happen. You want to scale your business and attract the RIGHT people but can’t seem to convert those followers into buyers. In this post, we’ll discuss a results-driven, scientifically-backed framework (called Brand Story) to help you stand atop your industry and expand your income and impact. 

When you think of the good ol’ debate between Mac versus Windows, which Brand do you go with? 

Whichever computer is your style, you likely have certain feelings about each Brand that make the buying decision easier.

If you’re a Mac maven, words like ‘easy’, ‘intuitive’, or ‘modern’ may come to mind. Windows fan? Words like ‘durable’, ‘simple’, or ‘affordable’ may pop up.

What makes some Brands stand the test of time is they know how to connect to their Aligned Client. 

Some Brands target the Gen Z crowd and are considered trendy to younger buyers. Other businesses speak to an older generation, emphasizing the needs and values of retired customers. 

Become a go-to for your Aligned Client by standing your ground and NARROWING down your niche — WHO you speak to, and how. 

Build a Solid Brand Foundation

Your Brand Story is like a tree… the higher you want to stretch, the deeper your roots must go. This is why building a strong foundation is so important (and why we do a deep dive on this in the Breakthrough Story Mastermind). 

Your business is effective when it clearly communicates the problem you solve. But your BRAND is effective by how YOU make people feel.

In order to expand from a strong foundation, consider the pillars of a solid Brand.

Pillars of a Solid Brand:

  • How You Make Aligned Clients Feel: This is the emotion your Brand evokes. A solid Brand foundation involves knowing how your Aligned Client feels BEFORE your solution and how your Aligned Client WANTS to feel after your solution.
  • Tone of Voice: The inflections of your Brand’s copywriting (or speaking) which emphasize your Brand’s personality. It’s not what you say but HOW you say it. 
  • Brand Values: A set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of your business: from how you operate, to how you communicate. They are what guide your Brand Message, identity and personality. 

We know you started your business to do bold and beautiful things. And if you’re feeling stuck and unclear on your message, then I’ve got good news for you  — the Breakthrough Brand Story Mastermind will allow you to break through those messaging blocks + revenue goals, AND expand your impact on multiple levels.

If you’re ready to experience firsthand the results-driven, scientifically-backed power of a breakthrough Brand Story, we invite you to participate in the STELLAR experience through the Breakthrough Brand Story Mastermind. 

I know firsthand what having a Breakthrough Brand Story can do for your business —we were able to TRIPLE our revenue in just 3 months!

It’s also created transformation for countless of our Mastermind students:

  • Hannah B. is using her Brand Story to leave a LEGACY + teach her skills as a woman of color photographer to the next generation of up-and-coming creatives
  • ​​Maddy O. laid claim to a lesser-known lane in branding + attracted a Parisian collaborator through it
  • Mayuko O. expanded her community, published her first book, + received features speaking up for Asian Mental Health.

Through community and expert training, you will learn, grow, and find much-needed support — there is space for you here, as we make our marks together.

The Mastermind kicks off early September and we have limited spots available. Claim yours TODAY before doors close Monday! 

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