You’re Ready for a Breakthrough Brand Story

There are thousands of business owners that do exactly what you do, making it incredibly hard to stand out in what feels like a saturated market. But don’t fret because when you understand how to showcase your unique gifts in a way that speaks to your Aligned Client’s wants and desires, you become a sales magnet. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of a Breakthrough Brand Story and why you should consider it as a foundational piece of your business.

Are you ready for a spicy biz tip?! 

There’s one specific business element that will help separate you from the crowd of others doing the same darn thing. 

It evokes feelings, creates a wow factor, and is the secret to creating copy that captures your epic impact and inspires action. 

And in case you haven’t guessed what it is, it’s your Breakthrough Brand Story. 

Your Brand Story shows WHO you are, WHAT you offer + WHY your aligned audiences should care. 

Most businesses stop at just WHAT they do, but people want to buy from people whose values and vision they also buy into. Ever since our caveman ancestors sat around the fire sharing a thrilling story about how they escaped a Bengal tooth tiger (and lived to tell the tale), for instance, our minds have been wired for story. 

Che Elizaga Castro You're ready for a breakthrough brand story

The difference? While people in the past told stories to survive, we get to tell them to thrive, and that’s where the Brand Story comes in.

The Proven Structure for Your Brand Story

Because our brains are wired for storytelling (it’s how we process information), your Brand Story makes you up to 22x more memorable; it IGNITES loyal clients + inspires action aka it’s what gets your Aligned Clients out of their seats and into raving fans. It basically amplifies your message so you make the money, and change, you and your audiences are here for.

When you have a Breakthrough Brand Story you magnetize your Aligned Client. 

YOU are the Guide that supports the Hero of your story (your Aligned Client; not you) to achieve their Ultimate Goal by inviting them to overcome a problem (aka, the Villain of a story. Yup, just like a movie). You essentially create the TRANSFORMATION your Aligned Client is waiting for. 

Your client can’t find you if you aren’t talking to them though. 

While we believe it’s necessary for you to show up FULLY you, your copy, messaging, and your Brand needs to speak through the lens facing THEM.

That’s where the Breakthrough Brand Story comes in. 

Speak to Your Aligned Client

Having a Breakthrough Brand narrative will allow you to speak directly to your Aligned Client, making them see that it’s a no-brainer to work with you. 

When you have a Breakthrough Brand Story, which utilizes the Hero’s Journey structure, you’ll not only walk away with a science-backed message that allows you to sign clients on repeat; you’ll also unleash your special gifts out into the world. 

You DESERVE to turn your message into a movement, so don’t let your lack of a Breakthrough Brand Story get in the way of you rockin’ your space. 

Your message is **too important** for you to sit on the sidelines.

If you’re ready to create a Breakthrough Brand Story, then you won’t want to miss the next round of the Breakthrough Brand Story Mastermind! Apply to reserve your spot at — waitlist members get $200 off if they join by August 18th! 

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