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Spontaneous dancer, oat milk latte-sipper, and your go-to Brand Story expert. 

I believe when audacious entrepreneurs like you COME ALIVE in business and life on your terms, you’ll finally see the impact you KNOW you're here to make.

Sadly, I've watched too many friends shrink back from their own brilliance — not for lack of passion, but connection due to a scattered Brand Story.

Fierce Founder, EVERYTHING about you screams "PLAY BIG"; play true to you. And with 12+ years helping household names and entrepreneurs alike BREAK THROUGH to the next level, I'm here to help you come alive with your most magnetic message yet.


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With big agency experience under my high-waisted belt, I’ll boost your business with Brand Story copywriting tips and training they don’t teach anywhere else.

You’re in Good Company

— Lauri P., Peace by Piece International

“Since the website launched so many people have told me how clear and relevant it is. I’m so proud of how our Brand Story connects with people. You truly became our ‘special sauce’; you helped inspire me.”

Nice Words From Great People

— Kate C., Kate Chan Design

“Ché captured the essence of Kate Chan Design beautifully. I’m in awe of her soulful interpretation of my brand.” 

Nice Words From Great People

— Courtney T., King’s Hawaiian 

 “Ché told our Brand Story with heart. She changed the way we interact with our fans.” 

Nice Words From Great People

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