I see you, hard-workin' Boss Bae!

You run
a do-good business that you know could change the world — or at least, a few lives.

But even though you've built an online following, you still can’t seem to turn their social stalking into serious sales.

The most frustrating part? You know you've got a message that deserves to be heard, but you can't seem to tell your Story in a way that feels authentic to you.

Thank goodness we met.

About you

2. You become 22x more memorable for WHO you are 

It's time to break the mold unto human-centered marketing. Your Brand Story celebrates WHO you are, not just what you do: a much-needed shift rendering you BRILLIANT, not burnt out. 

1. You connect with the people you were meant to serve

People are so over noise... and you've gotta be, too! Your Brand Story resonates emotionally with the right people, so you connect from your most authentic self while OWNING your passion with pride.


The Power of Your Brand Story

Imagine, if you will:

Stepping out on stages, an electric current pulsing through your bones, as you grip the mic in your hands.

People turn their eyes upon you... but you're not here for the spotlight. You're here to spread your message: of hope; of authority; of power, for an audience that needs it. Needs you

it's time to own the influence & impact you were made for

Well hey there business BFF! I'm Ché (like the butter, not Guevara), Founder of Come Alive Co: a Brand Story and Copywriting Studio for purposeful business owners like you.

I believe that when you COME ALIVE in your business, you’ll impact the world around you for good. And like oat milk is key to a tasty latte (don't @ me), Brand Story is your key to growth.  

As a Conversion Copywriter and Strategy Consultant for over a decade, I’ve nurtured memorable stories for brands across the globe.

But in 2015, I shocked friends and family alike when I left at the top of my career. I was overworked, overwhelmed and far from living out my values. So I took a leap of faith into the unknown and embarked on a 6-month missions trip. 

There in my ventures from Los Angeles to Hawaii; the jungles of Thailand to the "Silicon Valley" of India, I discovered my purpose:

to help people feel known, seen, and loved. 

Ask what the world needs, and what makes you come alive.

your new bff


My friend, you’ve been called to accomplish meaningful work with great purpose. But I know the solopreneur journey is no walk in Central Perk.  

We all need our "FRIENDS", and so I started Come Alive Co — to bring even the wildest ideas in your stratosphere to life. ‘Cuz when you come alive in your gifts + calling, you’ll inspire so many to go out and do the same! 

Thank you for trusting me to tell your Story. Now let's show the world what it means to live fully alive.

Cheers-ing to you with mug in hand,
Ché Elizaga Castro

Why spend precious time working on your business when you can revel in your zone of genius?

Hand over the worrisome words to this pro and grow your business through copy that connects so you can enjoy doing what you love. (A trip around the world counts as R&D, right?) 

1) More time to do what you love

2) The words + strategy to SLAY

Words that connect make all the difference between a brag-worthy business and a costly passion project. 

As a trained account strategist with a background in psychology, I’ll map out your Brand Story and the right words to attract your most high-vibe tribe so you GLOW up all the way to the top. 

3) The Kelly to your BEYONCE

My heart is to champion women in their gifts and calling, because this is how we create a more fulfilled world. 

But aside from heart, I’ve got the brains to move your groove. I’m proud of my agency experience — not just for the projects I’ve led, but for the quality work we created together.

Just call me the Kelly to your Bey. With your winning Brand Story (and this cheerleader by your side), nothing can stop your sashay! 

4) Lizzo-like confidence TOWARD your dreams

I doubted my direction, wasted time, and held my gifts back for so long until I hired outside perspective. 

Friend, your dreams mean too much to let doubt kill your buzz. Unearth your Brand Story with me and get a winning business strategy plus the tangible steps to engage paying customers.

And, speaking of Lizzo… dance is in my blood. So let's squeeze in a groove session or two to cheers to YOU! 

5) Extra kindle to keep your fire LIT

My 10+ years working in PR and Creative immersed me in several roles: from business development to account planning; copywriting to social media strategy. 

Step into my office and access a decade of experience. We’ll develop strategies to grow your business, attract your dream customers and flourish in the wildest dreams on your heart. 

So, my friend — are you ready to COME ALIVE in your true calling? Let’s get a call on the books! 



"Ché blew my mind with her ability to cut right to the heart of your message. Within 30 minutes of sitting down with her she helped me understand the core emotional motivator my copy had to revolve around in order to connect with my ideal customers. This was HUGE!!!

She asked questions that brought new insights into my approach and helped to craft verbiage for my website that felt 100% aligned.

Do yourself a favor and book a session with Ché. She’s a professional and you can tell."

sweet love notes from lovely folk

— Rachel b., mixed media artist

"Like many Creatives I know that there is something important and world-changing about my craft, but it can be hard to express. That's where Ché came in.

She took the time to understand who I am as a person and the history of my business; I felt so seen and encouraged by her. The tools she gave me to develop my brand language in the months and years to come feel so sustainable and doable.

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her. She's the real deal!"

sweet love notes from lovely folk

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