Sell With Soul By Tapping Into Your Unique Differentiator

If you struggle with copy constipation you’re not alone. But even if copywriting doesn’t flow easily for you [see what we did there? I know. Grow up, Ché], it doesn’t mean you can’t create killer copy that converts. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to master the art of combining your knowledge of your Aligned Client with your Unique Differentiator so that you can write copy that sells, with soul.

Does writing sales copy make you break out in hives?! 

First of all: ack, none of us wants that. Second of all: Good thing you found your way onto this blog because we at Come Alive Co are here to help! 

A lot of our clients come to us with a go-to copywriting method hodge-podged together from past templates and copy trainings. Before working together they are overwhelmed with their messaging and have a hard time saying what they REALLY want to say. 

As a fellow woman, I’m not surprised, but I am pissed. We’ve been told for so long to sit down and stay quiet (varying in degrees depending on your cultural upbringing), it’s become SO rare to ask ourselves, “what do you want?” and be brave enough to speak out the answer. 

If this sounds like you, let me alleviate your fears with my #1 rule to writing copy that’s WAY less scary than you think:

If you can hold a conversation, you can write copy that connects AND converts. 

I’ll give you some tough love though — you are responsible to connect the dots between WHY your solution (product/service) is the answer to your Aligned Client’s problems. 

Your audience needs to know how you can support them and why you are the best solution for them, and if you’re keeping your services to yourself, your Aligned Client won’t know that they need to work with you.

One mistake I see a lot of business owners make is they try to be clever, before being clear. With goldfish-level attention spans (6 seconds!), people need to know WHAT you do for WHOM right when they land on your website, Instagram page, OR even when you’re speaking. 

It’s also important to speak your customer’s language. It doesn’t matter how impressive your title is; if your Aligned Client doesn’t know what that gets THEM you might as well be a bubble wrap popper. 

(^ Which, by the way, if you are then please call me. This sounds like the most fun job of all.)

Create Content That Connects, Uniquely.

When you combine your knowledge of your Aligned Client with your Unique Differentiator (also known as your Unique Value Proposition or UVP), you will be able to create content that connects AND converts. 

Your Unique Differentiator: 

  • Is the strategy + words that position you to stand out
  • Shows your Aligned Client what you do for them (Brand Message) + who you are (Origin Story) 
  • Answers, “what’s in it for me?” -your Aligned Client

Another bonus? Your Unique Differentiator gets rid of this false notion that we are in competition with one another. After all, other providers may do “what you do”, but nobody does it like you.

And, with 8 billion people (and growing!) in the world, your Brand Story is like your beacon of love that pulsates across a sea of sameness so the right ones find their right way to YOU.

Lean into your Unique Differentiator by: 

  • showcasing your one-of-a-kind approach + the transformation you get for Aligned Clients
  • being CLEAR about who you serve: your niche
  • bragging about your client’s results (we know you’ve done some amazing things so boost yourself up, because who else will?)
  • sharing your Origin Story (people want to know you’ve been where they are)

Sharing your Unique Differentiator LOUD and PROUD will allow you to ditch the sleazy Bro marketing and trade it for human marketing: the real winner to sell with soul, by converting through connection first. 

If you’re looking around your industry like you’re just one of many, get ready to stand apart by pulling out YOUR Unique Differentiator.

Book an Espresso Shot Package with me, Ché Elizaga Castro — Founder of Come Alive Co and your Chief Possibility Officer, and let’s pull out those story strands that help you SHOW UP fully in your unicorn-worthy uniqueness; stand apart (while staying true to your values), and make the money and impact you are here for!

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