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There is nothing we relish more than helping our clients ELEVATE their Brand presence, EXTEND their reach, and hit audacious goals beyond imagination.

We are so proud to be part of our clients’ growth, celebrating every time they hit a *new* milestone with the power of their ever-growing Story. 

When you work with us, you’re more than a one-time client; we’re your team for life. 

Boosting a brick-and-mortar during lockdown to caffeinated results

Coffee With A Mission 

What do you do when a global pandemic shuts down your store: your major point-of-sale, and the meeting grounds for the community you’ve worked hard to build for years? 

You get creative, and give every fighting chance you’ve got — with the right team by your side.

Brand Story Strategy + Copywriting Partnership with Mostra Coffee, award-winning Coffee Roasters out of San Diego, CA

•An online presence that extended their warmth in-store, online
•377% increase in online sales
•Sold-out membership — in *minutes*
•Doubled brick-and-mortar presence 
•Won a high-impact grant from a Fortune 500

Website (personal faves: their About Page and Coffee Quiz)


As longtime fans and friends of Mostra, their leadership team contacted us to bring their offline presence, online, in order to increase sales during a nationwide store shutdown from COVID-19.

Tapping our Collaborative — our trusted team of vetted experts — we quickly got to work to:
1. Interview their superfans and capture THEIR language of how they described Mostra
2. Map out their Standout Strategy, and Website User Flow to reflect their inviting, in-store experience
3. Write their messaging and website copy: driven by purpose and excelled, fueled with their signature heart
4. Launch their website with extra components to increase sales, including: a sales-driven Quiz, streamlined product navigation, and email list sign-up (Project Partner: Meg E., MWE Creative
5. Extend their Brand Story and marketing goals through newsletter updates, including to their Membership which sold out *in minutes*

Whether or not you’re in the coffee industry, Mostra is building the blueprint for what it means to run a mission-driven Brand that’ll leave a legacy long after its leaders. It’s an honor watching our friends pave new paths for excellence and purpose in the blooming coffee, beer, and restaurant industry. They continue to BLOW US AWAY with how their Brand Story and teamwork are opening the crazy giant doors they so rightly deserve. We forever stan #TeamMostra!

Leveraging Brand Story to spark more meaningful connections and conversion

sparking a movement with your boldest message

How do you continue to show up for your community when you're evolving behind the scenes?

You root deep in WHO you are and what you're here to say — and bring in the expanders who believe, and bring out, your best.

Brand Story Strategy Partnership with Curate Well Co.: Consulting + Community for Impact-Driven Innovators + Entrepreneurs

•Messaging used today by the entire team, plus a Website and Instagram content relaunch
•Immediate quantitative and qualitative results (heightened number of IG Story responses and comments; longer, more thoughtful responses)
•Deepened Brand affinity, shown through an increase in engagement AND conversion
•Evolution of Sales language/approach
•Highest sales week EVER; surpassed 2020 sales in just 6 months (with an already-strong story, extended through our work)



Solidifying a dress rental concept as THE new way to wed

Reducing Wedding Waste, One Dress At A Time

Weddings are expensive. And for this innovative bride, having to buy more than one dress for her multi-cultural celebration was more than practicality could bear. 

So what do you do when the solution you’re looking for doesn’t exist? 

As Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see. 

Brand Story Strategy + Copywriting Partnership with Dare & Dazzle: wedding dress and accessory rentals out of Sonoma, CA

•Decrease in website exits by 8%; bounce rate, down 14% within the first week
•Newfound confidence in their Brand Story, enough to gain press coverage!
•Live interviews on statewide news: CBS 8, Fox 5 San Diego, KUSI News, and Good Day Sacramento

“Ché helped me articulate what my Brand is all about and bring the design of our website into the next level.” -Hien Le, Founder, Dare & Dazzle

News Coverage: Good Day Sacramento, KUSI News, CBS 8, Fox 5


COVID-19 shut down the whole country, with a major hit on the wedding industry. Hien decided to squeeze lemonade from lemons and bolster her Brand presence while biding this time. 

As past Brides ourselves (with a lean toward eco-consciousness), our team got to work to:
1. Write a questionnaire to receive verbiage from potential customers 
2. Map out the user flow of their website to increase awareness and eventually conversion
3. Develop her Brand Story strategy and messaging: driven by their why, and the emotional motivators of their customers (SO different from what they initially thought!) 
4. Write out their Website copy, packed with natural keywords for easier discovery
5. Provide messaging guidelines for the PR contact from our Collaborative (Project Partner: Jennifer U., Empowered Public Relations)

It’s never easy to be the first in your field. As an Asian-owned business owner in an antiquated industry, Hien and her founding partner are dreaming BIG in order to reduce wedding waste, all while providing a white-glove service to brilliant brides. It is culture-shifters like Hien who inspire us in the work we do: helping business owners driven by impact make the change they so long to see in their industries. We’re so proud of you Hien, and so excited to see how the wedding industry begins to shift with eco warriors like YOU fighting our way forward! 

Amplifying impact through big features in the press

Epic Features, Connection, and a Reinspired Why — Oh, My!

What happens when your work is so meaningfully changing your clients’ lives, but you’re so close to what you do you struggle to put your true impact into words? 

We see this quite a bit. Luckily for you, we also know who to call.

Standout Story Session with Jaymie Tarshis

•Full-length features in Thrive Global, Yahoo! News, and Medium
•Listed as a 2020 Top 10 Ad Expert in Yahoo! Finance
•“1000%” more confidence to show up in her Brand Story
•Renewed clarity on her why, values, and UVP — Unique Value Proposition in order to stand apart and connect to her audience

Thrive Global feature, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Medium  


A true expert in the ad industry, Jaymie Tarshis knew she needed to elevate her Brand presence to get the right reach and visibility to grow her business. 

The problem? Jaymie couldn’t find a way to tell her Brand Story in a way that felt authentic to her, and to the epic change she longs to make: amplifying the work of her clients through ads so they could make an even greater impact and income. 

Through separate meetings, we led Jaymie through 2 Standout Story Sessions to:
1. Get to know her Origin Story and how that affects the vision for her company
2. Write her Brand Message, the foundation to any Brand Story
3. Pull out Storylines for her PR team to pitch to the press

It’s rare you meet someone as brilliant in a very tactical field (ads is a science, people!) with such a big heart. It was the biggest honor to tell our colleague and friend’s story after watching her career blossom over the past 5+ years. Jaymie is a true professional helping impact-driven women amplify the powerful effects of their work, to their community, through the power of ads. We canNOT wait to see the change she continues to make in the ads industry — simply by being herself, and inspiring legions of business owners simply by being the standout leader, and person, she is. 

Using Story to uncover truth and shape your business and life — for good

Shifting Mindset and Reclaiming Self-Worth to Show Up Confident

How do you inspire action from Aligned Clients when you’re feeling shaky (not so confident) in your voice? 

You can’t just say the right things; you also have to believe, and embody, the message you are here to leave. 

Mastermind with Jessie S., The Abundance Advocate

•Brand messaging, Origin Story, Instagram content, AND website copy updated through her work
•Elevated presence: invited as a guide on an important financial advisory board
•Dazzling through connections: blew away a colleague looking to recommend her work through her pitch
•A glow-up in her self-worth, reflected in her business AND personal life

“My self-worth has really just grown and been cultivated over the past weeks and that’s invaluable both in my business and in my personal life.”

Website (personal faves: her reorganized Homepage and POWER-packed Offerings page!)


Jessie came to us looking to unleash her much-needed voice in a sect rife with barriers for women: the financial industry. After working for a Big 4 accounting firm before leaving and earning her yoga teacher certification, Jessie now combines the spiritual with the financial to guide womxn toward big money goals. 

Only 7% of your message is in your words. The other 93%? Well that’s in your tone of voice and body language. We led Jessie through our Mastermind to:
1. Interview her Aligned Clients to understand their desires and hesitations
2. Map and write her Brand Story using our 3-part proprietary framework
3. Help her OWN what makes her stand out — including her Origin Story, which she’d so far spent hiding 
4. Re-organize her offerings, complete with high-converting copy over 2 sales pages — all within a 90-minute session
5. Guide her deeper into self-worth, enabling transformation felt by her loved ones

In order to lead others, we must first lead ourselves. Jessie did a brave thing by opening herself up vulnerably to tell her Origin Story, and to paint a picture of the women-powered world she’s creating through empathetic financial guidance. She’s the perfect example of being the FIRST in an industry currently steered by men. Keep your eye on Jessie as she guides many to go after their biggest goals, unleashed in positive money stories we all, as women, need. 

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