How to Speak to Your Aligned Client

When it comes to converting customers, strong, consistent messaging sells. However, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what words to say and how to say it. In this post, we cover the importance of speaking directly to your Aligned Client and why it’s important to have them be your copywriting guide. 

You were made to come alive in your unique gifts + audacious vision. This is the mission behind Come Alive Co guiding us to unlock 100,000 women to show up fully, stand apart (while staying true to your values), and make the money and impact you’re here for. 

One major roadblock in the way of realizing this big vision is messaging. I see so many brave women struggling to get their big, brilliant ideas OUT on the page, which is unfortunate as we spend so many of our waking minutes speaking our mind; so why not on a Google Doc? 

My friend, you are overflowing with beautiful gifts: don’t stop yourself from showing up fully just because you don’t know where to start with your copywriting. 

To keep things simple, when it comes to copywriting, there are three major things to keep in mind: 

  • WHO you’re speaking to [your Aligned Client]
  • WHAT your Aligned Client needs
  • HOW they want to feel

I know there’s a temptation to hit CTRL + C (copy) on everyone else’s methods but when it comes to copy, your Aligned Client (and not anyone else’s Brand) should be driving the show. After all, the more you emulate those in your field, the more you’ll sink in — not stand out.

And you, my friend, are stand out-worthy. Wouldn’t you agree? 

Amp Up the Connection by Speaking to Your Aligned Client

So let’s first start by honing in on your Aligned Client. No need to overcomplicate this; how would you describe the BEST clients you’ve ever worked with? Maybe they were in a specific niche, sold a certain type of product or service, or simply had similar interests to you. Really think about it: what type of person lights you up? 

After all, life is TOO short for bad coffee and bad clients. So in the same way you are here to curate your dream job and dream life, you also deserve to envision (and pursue) the type of client you love serving.

When you sit down to write your copy, have this person at the forefront of your mind. THIS is who we call your Aligned Client, or put in terms you’re possibly more familiar with: your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA).

Your ICA is someone who:

  • Is fired up by your vision/values
  • Understands the value of what you provide
  • Doesn’t bat an eye at your price point
  • Is qualified to work with you at that very price point
  • You just enjoy working together

Sounds like the perfect client to work with, am I right?!

Don’t Know What to Say? Borrow From Your ICA

Your messaging is the crux of your Brand Story And tapping into your ICA to craft your message and copy is what sets apart memorable Brands from ‘meh’ ones. 

I hope you’re not afraid of heights because once you understand your Ideal Client and the problem you help them solve, your messaging, offerings, and business will soar. 

When you go ALL IN on your ICA, your messaging lands just right so that you can start attracting your best Yesses (and say no to those you’re not as excited to serve).

The Four Crucial Things to Know About Your Aligned Client

In order to speak to your potential clients, there are four things that you should know about them:

  • Their major goals
  • How your solution can help them get there (your Promise)
  • How they feel (pain points) vs. how they want to feel (passion points)
  • Why now? (trigger point)

Understand these four things and you’ll be rewarded with potential buyers sliding in your DMs! 

Let’s Get to Know Your Aligned Client!

Around the Wild Wild West of the online entrepreneur world, we’re so often told to “know your ICA” without getting the direction on just how to do this. 

In our Espresso Shot Strategy sessions, you get 90 minutes with Ché, our fearless Founder and award-winning Brand Strategist, plus two weeks follow-up to dive DEEP into knowing your ICA. 

Wanna know more? Click below and we can’t wait to get your Breakthrough Brand off on the right foot. 

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