Tangible Steps to Create Your Breakthrough Brand Story

It’s time to clear up “Brand Story” once and for all. 

We’ve got one camp (*cough* Bro Marketers) telling you your Brand Story is sales-driven drivel that pumps up your product or service as the biggest, baddest, brightest thing out there. 

In the other camp we’ve got, what I’ll call, the Movie Producers, making “Brand Story” synonymous with your life story: the more sob-worthy the better and hey, don’t forget the violins to add some extra drama. 

A Brand Story that helps you break through your saturated industry is not either or; it’s both AND.

  1. It tells people what you do, but also who you are.
  2. It shows up first in your Brand Message — the consistent 2-liner you use online and off.
  3. It expands from this 2-liner into ALL your content online, plus your introduction offline when asked the dreadful question, “hey, what do you do?”

Unfortunately, I see so many people get this wrong: from the “Bro Marketers” putting all their focus on the products or services we sell (thereby telling us our value is diminished to a dollar amount), to the “Movie Producers” directing sob stories — which makes your audience cry, but not whip out their wallets to buy.

The future of marketing will require industry leaders who are “both and” — brands that can adeptly communicate their value in terms of what their business has to offer to meet a customer need, while also connecting on a personal level (which is how you build the trust needed to gain loyal clients). 

So how can you STAND OUT in a sea of service providers who seem to do what you do, as the clear choice for customers searching desperately for you? 

Here are 2 ways to start.

Tangible Steps to a Breakthrough Brand Story

1. Show your Aligned Clients WHAT you do in a way that helps them reach their Ultimate Goal

This is called your Brand Promise, and it’s the foundation of your Brand Story.

For instance: instead of saying “I’m a website designer”, show your Aligned Clients that you understand them and where they want to go through more explanatory messaging, like:

“Website designer for bold brands looking to disrupt the industry they’re in.”

The best way to go about this, if you don’t know where to start, is straight to the source: your Aligned Clients, themselves. 

(We share a little more about that in this Instagram Post.)

2. Divulge personal Points of Connection to Gain Trust with your audience

With people showing an increased distrust in big business, you carry a very unique advantage as a small business leader: the ability to be intimate and personable.

After all, with more and more people looking to buy from, and interface with, PEOPLE, not big business, those points of connection that make YOU human are just the very things that will attract your best clients to buy. 

The question I like to ask myself when looking for these personal points of connection to inspire our content at Come Alive Co is:

Who are your Aligned Clients OUTSIDE of their jobs? 

  • Plant parents?
  • Nature lovers?
  • Eco warriors?

Use social media to be just that — SOCIAL — so you connect to potential customers on a much deeper level.

I’ve gained clients not just from sharing my Branding expertise, but also because they share a love of oat milk and dancing with me.

Another client of mine is the expert in her field, and yet dog-loving people come through her doors in droves when she shares about her pitbulls.

After all, the value you have to offer your Aligned Clients is not solely in what you can give them in a business sense; but how you connect human-to-human to gain their trust, especially in these very isolated times.

Let’s Uncover Your Brand Story

If you’re ready to make your Brand Story work FOR you so you show up fully human online, stand apart in a saturated industry and SCALE UP your business as you’ve been meaning to:

Check out how you can work with us to either write your Brand Story strategy and messaging FOR you, or empower you to uncover and write it for yourself in our upcoming Mastermind: 

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