Mastering Your Brand Story | True to You Podcast Recap

Why and how to rest during your busiest seasons, the deeper reason behind why I dance on camera, and 3 practical tips to actually not HATE copywriting (hello, Brand Story)? Say no more! 

I am honored to share that I got the opportunity to spend time with business coach, Ruby Marsh and talk about CEO Days, Brand Story, and easing in to copywriting.

Ruby Marsh embodies the Come Alive Co mission by helping her audience and those she serve come alive in their unique gifts + audacious vision through helping women architect a business centered around their creative genius (see what I did there, Ruby?).

In the words of Ruby, The True to You podcast is your go-to show for practical wisdom to build a meaningful and creative small business. You’ll find content on marketing, mindset and tons of experts that want to help you grow a thriving small business that you truly love. Her guests are exceptionally creative women building businesses from their zone of genius all while balancing many other roles in their life.”

We were truly “sunshines colliding together” (that’s a thing now) and I am so grateful for the time spent together discussing Brand Story. I hope you do, too.

I want to hear from you! What was your biggest takeaway from the podcast?
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Looking for something in particular? Here are some helpful timestamps:

6:00 – 12:30 | My Career Journey

This is my Origin Story: the “why” behind Come Alive Co: a look at leaving a “dream job” at the top of my career to discover my purpose on my own “Eat Pray Love” adventure before falling in love with the mission of helping women all over the world come alive in their unique gifts + audacious vision.

13:30 – 18:54 | CEO Weekends + Why You Should Have Them

We highlight here why I took a CEO weekend and why it’s SO important for you to do it. Listen, if you run your own business YOU. ARE. A. CEO. Take CEO weekends to become aligned within yourself and your purpose. We cannot lead others if we don’t have a vision to lead ourselves first. 

I walk through what my latest CEO weekend looked like and how it impacted me during a busy time at Come Alive Co, because ladies: if ever you feel too busy to rest, that’s 100% a sign that’s what you need, more than ever!

(major shout out to Grace, owner of Quench Collective for encouraging me to do this)

18:55 – 29:40 | The Highs and Lows of Running My Own Business

Nothing can prepare us for entrepreneurship. I talked about the highs and lows of running a business and what I’ve learned since I started Come Alive Co; lessons that helped me finally say “yes” to myself, and a business that has since 3x’ed our income from 2020 in one quarter alone

29:41 – 42:30 | What is your “Brand Story”?

I’m a little biased, but this is my favorite part. I can’t help it. Here, I define what Brand Story is, why it’s so important to get it right and the elements to help you form your own Brand Story to attract your Aligned Clients.

42:31 – 44:00 | How Dancing Helped Me Connect to my Aligned Client

Look, I know people say up to show “professional” but dancing is what I LOVE to do… and seemingly, what so many of the Come Alive Co-mmunity love to see! 

Here, I dive into my deeper “why” behind dancing on camera, for when we show up as our most true, authentic selves, we are able to connect with Aligned Clients: people just like us who crave to feel seen and known. 

44:01 -50:30 | How to Start Writing Your Own Copy

Listen, I know that writing isn’t for everyone BUT it’s not necessarily because you feel like you’re a bad writer. Perhaps you’re afraid of being seen (cue heart-felt monologue). Writing goes beyond the words on a page or post; it sinks down deep into your ideas and your ability to boldly take up the space you so rightfully deserve. 

Thank you again Ruby for inviting me on your podcast and letting me spill my heart on why I am so passionate about Brand Story. 

Give the podcast a listen and let me know your favorite part of the convo down below in the comments.

In the meantime, let’s keep in touch on all the scrolly spaces via Instagram, TikTok or my newsletter.

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