Copywriting Secrets From Target and the Super Bowl ad

When it comes to copywriting and creative advertising, there’s no better place for marketers to flex their skills than in Super Bowl ads. To advertise during the Super Bowl means to get your company in front of MILLIONS of eyes — all while paying millions of dollars. Today, we’ll go behind the scenes of Target’s ad for the Super Bowl, all so YOU can borrow these game-winning copywriting secrets for yourself. 

I went on to restock my favorite candles that make my office smell oh-so-good (according to my husband) and was stopped in my tracks upon seeing this ad:

Super Bowl Target Ad

So, why does a headline like this work? 

Why, just before the Super Bowl, does this copy work?

Steal these Copywriting secrets from Target’s Superbowl ad

1. It’s short.

“Prep like a pro. Get ready for gameday.”

Headlines are always the most attention-grabbing part of any piece of copy. You want to make your headlines short and stand-out so your readers know to keep on reading. 

2. Alliteration.

Target utilizes alliteration well in this ad. As a reminder from your grade school days, alliteration is when the first letter of the words in the same sentence or sequential sentences have the same sound. “PRep” and “PRo”. “GEt” and “GAme”. 

Alliteration essentially helps words stick to your memory, kind of like a melody you can’t get out of your head (like a Shawn Mendes song — get out of there, dude).

3. Their point is clear.

In this Super Bowl ad, Target is letting you know about a sale! By doing so, they’re utilizing two great tools to memorable copywriting here:

  • First, urgency. With the relevancy of game day coming, Target knows their shoppers are thinking of cooking for the Big Game (although, is that even happening right now? COVID, hello).
  • Secondly, they’re speaking to limited-time savings. This shows us that Target truly knows their Aligned Audience. Although higher-end than a competitor like Wal-Mart, Target still knows their audience is always on the hunt for a good deal. If they can highlight a deal, they know they’re more likely to get their customers’ money. Because of the limited time appeal, deals like these are a great attention-grabber for customers.

A second look at Target’s Super Bowl ad

Looking at this ad from an award-winning copywriter’s perspective, I would change “Get Ready for Game Day” to “Get GameDay Ready”.

It packs a better punch and is more forward with the call to action for the customer — kind of like the sport of football! And, when writing copy, you always want to match the tone to the product, service, or context you’re promoting. 

Is there anything you’d change?

Copywriting takeaways to boost your business

I loved sharing this behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create a great ad around something as big as the Super Bowl. The next time you’re creating marketing copy or writing for your website, try using some of these tips for yourself! 

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