Is This Trend Hurting Your Business?

A Branding Trend to Unsubscribe From

I wanted to share a trend that could be hurting your business. And it’s what I call, the JMIP trend. Have you heard of it? 

Probably not, because I made that title up. JMIP stands for “Just Make It Pretty”, and it’s the tendency for brands to build their website and IG based on aesthetic alone. 

Focusing on design with little regard to your content flow or strategy is like building a million-dollar mansion on a cliff next to the sea… it’s going down!

And so, I wanted to share my TOP 2 tips to a website that converts.

Top 2 Tips to a Website That Converts

  1. Pass the 2-second test. This is where you tell people WHAT you do, and FOR whom, right at the top of the page. Get specific and really shout out who your target audience is. Instead of saying you’re a photographer for women, you could describe yourself as an edgy photographer for bold entrepreneurs. Part of the power of the 2-second test is that you lock in the people you REALLY want to work with, and repel the rest… which is actually the secret to your biggest success. 
  2. 2nd, make sure your Brand Story is ON POINT. I talk about Brand Story a lot for a reason: it is your consistent message that makes you up to 22x more memorable, and in a noisy world where your client’s being bombarded by thousands of ads daily, being memorable makes all the difference. 

I have tons more tips where this came from… honestly, almost 20 pages’ worth… which I’ve put into my Brilliant Brand Story Website Audit.

Convert at Every Turn With Your Custom Website Audit

A Brilliant Brand Story Website Audit is your manual to ensure you connect and convert through your website and Brand Story at EVERY turn. 

It is for do-good dreamers and doers in one who are tired of second-guessing and throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, but rather, are READY to step up and influence the world for good through your impact-driven business.

In this audit, you’ll get:

  • One 20+ page-document overflowing with direction — not just on your content flow, but your Brand Story and your business strategy — to ensure you position yourself as the industry leader you are
  • Two 20-minute calls with me to go over your goals and then to review your next best steps
  • The CONFIDENCE knowing that your website is ready to not just convert, but connect to the right people who need to hear your one-of-a-kind Brand Story and message.

“I was feeling so lost before. Now we have a GAME plan.”

-Recent world-changing woman UNLEASHED to launch her brilliant business through our Audit together!

If you’re ready to optimize your website so that it doesn’t just look nice, but converts and connect through your Brilliant Brand Story, apply for a limited spot today!

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