Show Your Personality: Small Business Trend #3 in 2020

This is the third, and final, Big Idea to Big Impact in 2020: broadcast that BRILLIANT personality! It’s the final video in a 3-part series helping do-good entrepreneurs like you BEAT burnout to FOCUS on what matters most so you can grow your most authentic and aligned business. 

To understand more about this series, check out the intro blog and video here, and be sure to check Big Idea #2 if you haven’t already. 

Long before the Internet, businesses hired public relations pros to buff up their story for the news. Spokespeople were hired to look good on camera… in order to make the company look good behind the scenes.

Enter the too-fast, too-furious nature of social media. Businesses could no longer hide behind trained speakers in tailored suits. Instead, social media offered regular people like you and I a peek behind the curtain, as the lines between what’s strictly professional and what’s left personal began to blur. 

We’re livin’ in an age where people want to know your whole story before investing their hard-earned money in you. As I tell my clients: 

People do business with people, not businesses

Ché, Come Alive Co

In 2020, look for more personalities to emerge from the top of big corporations, if only to win more customers over with their “candidness”. 

The good news for you, solopreneur!

The good news is: as purpose-driven entrepreneurs, we have nothing to hide; no PR pizzazz to shield ourselves behind. 

By leading with your purpose and working with precision aka knowing whom you’re speaking to, you can begin to broadcast those shared points of connection that will have your clients raising their hands as if to say “hey, that’s me too!” 

This is what is called the know-like-trust factor. 

Know -> Like -> Trust 

In order to earn a customer’s loyalty, they must first get to know you before they begin to like you and finally, trust you. 

Trust is the golden standard for any business to reach. 

Trust is what turns a passive follower into a loyal purchasing fan. 

How to be transparent in a strengths-forward society 

Now, I know that being transparent in your business can be tough, especially if you grew up in corporate America like me where we learned to hide our weaknesses. But honestly, vulnerability is your strength — and like the movie Inside Out, it’s this vulnerability that brings good people around you. 

Here are some questions to help you decide what to share:

  1. What are 3 top points of connection that I share with my customers?
    1. Some examples could include: being a wife; being a mom; being single and not wanting to get married.
    2. Loving to travel; living for financial freedom; enjoying being your own boss.
    3. Going hiking; going to the beach; getting your workout on.
    4. So on, and so forth. 
  2. What 1 thing can I test sharing each week, to see if my customers respond? 
    1. Again, family; workouts; travel, etc. (see #1)
    2. Jasmine Star says to let the numbers talk. If you post about these things and see your engagement go up, your customers are doing the talking for you. Aka, telling you what they wanna see!

Let’s uncover your Points of Connection today!

Image by Angela Garzon of Create With Gusto, featuring the “More Love” tee by Mint and Merit

Friend, when you uncover those points of connection between you and your dream customers, you won’t even have to try to sell.

Your so-aligned, so-authentic message will slay the selling for you.

I help passionate, creative, purposeful entrepreneurs like you uncover your Brand Story so you can magnetize the people you should be working with.

In fact, I just got done with a Points of Connection session with a fabulous client.

Here’s what she said:

I was saying “yes” to ALL the things last year. I burnt myself out, and I didn’t see much of a return.

This year, I KNOW my business is going to explode, and that I need the strategic foundation to get there.

I know, working with you to write my Brand Story, I’ll be set up to receive all the goodness.

— Client, Uncover Your Brand Story: Co-Write Your Site With Me!

Hit all the Big Ideas in one

When we work together, I’ll help you:

  1. Communicate your purpose, so you stand out from the bunch (Big Idea #1)
  2. Understand who and where your customer is… so you can maximize your efforts posting online (Big Idea #2), and
  3. Show off that BRILLIANT personality: your #1 strategy to magnetize your dream customer so you can break the bank with your so-aligned, so-authentic business! (Big Idea #3!)

If this turns your dials up to ten, book a free 20-minute chat and let’s get your brand singin’ and dancin’!

Header image by Angela Garzon of Create With Gusto, from a content creation event. Join her Facebook group so you can join in the fun of the next one!

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