Focus Your Efforts: Small Business Trend #2 in 2020

This is the second Big Idea to Big Impact in 2020: the power of focus, aka working with precision. It’s the second video in a 3-part series helping do-good entrepreneurs like you BEAT burnout to FOCUS on what matters most so you can grow your most authentic and aligned business. 

To understand more about this series, check out the intro blog and video here, and be sure to check Big Idea #1 if you haven’t already. 

Today’s video starts with a story, and ends with you getting a massage. Sounds good, right?

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Story time: the power of focus

One of the root causes for burnout is not just working too much, but working on the wrong things for too long. 

To explain what I mean, humor me for a minute while I tell you a story, won’t you? 

Two sisters, Janna and Krystal, were heading to the woods to cut down their Christmas tree — an annual family tradition. Being close in age they were naturally competitive, and so raised the stakes by betting each other that whomever cut the tree down faster would pass on their chores to the loser for a week. 

After selecting the most awe-inspiring Noble Fir, its branches thick and thriving, the sisters got ready to cut it down. Determined to make Janna clean her room (she’d let her laundry pile up for way too long), Krystal wrapped her hands around the handle of the axe and stepped up to the looming fir. With one hard hit after another, Krystal spent the next half-hour tiring herself out… but was no closer to chopping down the tree. 

It was Janna’s turn. Krystal watched with dread as her big sis surveyed the bark carefully, and then stepped back, axe in hand. In just a few quick blows, Janna chopped that tree down, as ever more piles of laundry danced like sugar plums in Krystal’s head. 

So why is it that Janna was able to knock down the tree, and Krystal wasn’t? 

Work with Precision

The answer has less to do with strength, and everything to do with the point of contact between the axe and the tree.

You see, determined to beat her sister, Krystal hit all over the bark with no real point of focus. Janna, zoned in on her end goal, struck each time in the same spot — leading to a bigger slice in the wood, and the tree (and bet) falling in her court. 

Real talk now…

Which sister are you?
Are you hitting your goals with determined precision, or
hitting all over the place with no real focus? 

This is the power of working with precision. When you focus all your efforts on captivating your dream customer, you’ll see more return while saving more time and energy. That’s the power of focus!

Helpful definition: 
Dream customer: the person primed to flourish the most from (and pay top dollar for) what you offer.

And for me, that beats burnout from trying to do all the things across all the platforms, any day. 

4 questions to help you focus on your dream customer:

  1. Where does my customer “hang out” online?
  2. What is my customer listening to, reading to, watching?
  3. Who does my customer trust more than anyone else? 
  4. How does my customer talk; what hashtags and expressions does she use? 

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