4 Cyber Monday Deals for Solopreneurs

Last-minute Cyber Monday Deals for solopreneurs looking to invest in themselves and their businesses through the end of the year and into 2020!

Black Friday 2019 has come and (almost) gone and here I am, writing a VERY late post in hopes of getting you the best deals to boost your business in the new year!

Let’s say that it’s solely out of necessity that I am writing this; as I Googled “Cyber Monday deals for solopreneurs” I didn’t find any helpful posts.

A quick pause to let you know: I am NOT an affiliate for any of these companies.

I just love and support what they’re doing and wanted to get the word out for them. I’ve learned that as a business owner, our tools are the back-end boosters we need to run the seamless, smooth business we need to put our *magic* into the world.

And so, in honor of supporting these small businesses I believe in (and hoping you get the most bang from your buck from them, too), here are 4 Cyber Monday Deals for solopreneurs serious about growing your business — and yourself — in 2020!

4 Cyber Monday Deals for Solopreneurs Looking to Grow Your Business — and Yourself!

Rihanna making the money sign because we solopreneurs have got to invest in our business and ourselves in 2020!
Rihanna via giphy.com

1) 50% Off ShowIt Templates by Lindsey Eryn of Third Story Apartment

Runs Friday, November 29 through Monday, December 2

Black Friday Sale promo image via Lindsey Eryn, from the 4 Black Friday Deals for Solopreneurs blog post by Come Alive Co
Promo image for Lindsey’s 50% off templates deal from her Instagram Stories

Your smile leaves a lasting impression. Shouldn’t your website, too? If you’ve been on the fence about making your website shine just like your personality, let this be your push to get off that fence and say “yes” to your business — and yourself!

I kicked off 2019 with one goal in mind: to launch my website for my newly established Copywriting and Brand Story studio Come Alive Co. I knew I needed to put my best foot forward to attract the clients I’m dying to work with, and that this wouldn’t be possible with my website at the time.

And although my copy sparkled like a Hawaiian sea after a storm (seriously y’all, it’s glorious), the design was just not on point. Since design is the first thing your customers or clients look at with stellar copy there to close the deal, I knew I had to get my aesthetic right.

A Designer for Dreamers Like Us

Enter Lindsey Eryn of Third Story Apartment, a design studio for dreamers like you and me. I’ve been fawning over Lindsey’s style for years now, ever since hearing her speak at a Yellow Co. event in San Diego (hop down to #3 for a deal on Yellow!).

And so, when it came time to launch a website that felt so me in order to attract the people I want to work with, I knew I had to move off of SquareSpace to ShowIt (will post on this another time), and that I needed a killer template to bring my story together — design, copy, user flow and all.

Thanks be to God, Lindsey released the AUGUST 08 template just in time. I didn’t, unfortunately, get to take advantage of the Cyber Monday deal (50% off, what a steal!) but I knew I needed to get my website up for Come Alive Co sooner than later.

It Takes a Team to Realize a Dream

What I love about Lindsey’s style is that it’s very organic, as if you could just reach through the screen and shake the person’s hand behind this site. It doesn’t hurt that the textures she hand-creates and the photos she uses are drop-dead gorgeous.

Thanks to the flexibility of ShowIt, too, I was able to change up the colors and layout of this template to match MY style. Check out my website for yourself to see another iteration of the AUGUST 08 template!

Lindsey Eryn of Third Story Apartment is offering 50% off her beautiful, organic ShowIt templates for Black Friday. Via the 4 Black Friday Deals for Solopreneurs blog from Come Alive Co
AUGUST 08 ShowIt Template by Lindsey Eryn of Third Story Apartment. Get it here.
Images by Elana Jadallah and Aaron Haynes.

Now, full disclaimer: I am not very design or tech-savvy and ShowIt as a platform is a bit more complex than SquareSpace, which is very drag and drop. And so, I was able to hire the lifesaver Mindy Vassalle of Brand Me Gorgeous to update the template for my brand. I cannot recommend her enough!

2) 50% Off SquareSpace Templates by Go Live HQ

Runs Friday, November 29 through Monday, December 2

Go Live HQ is offering 50% of all SquareSpace website templates plus a FREE online workshop to help you launch your site today! via the 4 Black Friday Deals for Solopreneurs blog post from Come Alive Co
Promo image for Go Live HQ’s Cyber Monday Sale via their Instagram ad

Okay, okay, okay. So I know I just said that I’m hopping off SquareSpace for ShowIt, but I do admit I made that leap before SquareSpace started adding more design-friendly options and integrations, to name a few.

I still stick by my decision for doing so, but I know that ShowIt may not be for everybody! SquareSpace, after all, is a lot more user-friendly in terms of drag-and-drop capabilities. Where it took me months (and hiring an outside designer) to get up my ShowIt website — mainly because I had a specific vision of how I wanted it to look that I couldn’t nail perfectly on my own — I got up my former SquareSpace website in a matter of days.

So if speed is your thing (and really, who has time to wait?), a SquareSpace website might be for you. Even better news, Go Live HQ is a killer all-women dream team run by the stylin’ and profilin’ boss babe Promise Tangeman that helps solopreneurs and small businesses launch their websites on SquareSpace in 5 days or less. How do I know this? Because they offer a 5-day launch workshop for everyone who purchases a template during their 50% off sale, running from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Go Further Together

As you may be aware, running the business behind your do-good dreams can be a nightmare, especially when done solo. I mean, as a Creative myself, I can’t say I started this business helping tell the Brand Story of impactful entrepreneurs like yourself to run the admin side 24/7… and I’m sure you didn’t, either.

That’s why I appreciate Go Live HQ’s mantra of doing it together. Their launch workshop is just one extension of that value — one I’ve never gotten to take advantage of but that I know, based on the quality of content they offer, will be mega helpful and cozy in terms of helping you feel supported.

Go Live HQ offers a variety of templates for a wide range of service providers and online shops. They also have a live chat available (it’ll pop up on that linked page) to help you pick the best template for your business.

A Brief Intermission: Website Launches and Your Brand Story

Che Elizaga Castro is a Brand Story Copywriter for purposeful businesses with Come Alive Co
Ché Elizaga Castro here! Come Alive Co Founder, ready to pump up your Brand Story and get you more of that work you’re lovin’.

As a Copywriter and Creative Strategist trusted by some of the biggest brands across the globe (Toyota; King’s Hawaiian; GoDaddy) as well as some of the greatest do-good women making a difference (Peace by Piece International; Kate Chan Design), I’m touting the importance of your website for a reason.

Your website is your brand’s home. Social media platforms are both finicky and hard to trust (did you count how many times Instagram went down this year? Or what about the nightmare of privacy breach by Facebook? Thanks, Zuckerberg.) which is why I don’t tout making a home on any social media platform.

A website allows you to control the look and feel for your brand — as well as access the data you need to understand your audience, and tweak your content to give ’em what they really need.

That being said, once you launch your website,

a standout Brand Story expressed through your copy makes all the difference between closing the client that could meet your revenue goals, or losing yet another visitor from your hard-won site.

Contact me for a free 20-minute review of your website to make sure you’re drawing in people, and not losing potential customers!

3) Cyber Monday Deals for Solopreneurs continued: 43% Off a Yellow Co Membership

Runs Friday, November 29 through Tuesday, December 4

Yellow Conference attendees. The Yellow Conference is made for purposeful women to gather, get inspired, and build community.
A group of attendees at the annual Yellow Conference — my favorite event of the year!

After working for corporations and companies my whole (college to adult) life, I grew accustomed to the camaraderie and companionship of amazing co-workers. Even when the work was tough, I could always count on the great people around me to lift me up — through a smile; a quick vent; or a sandwich from the local food truck, hehe.

Speaking of, who said food can’t be a love language?

When I busted out of the four-walled buildings I was used to walking into for work, I immediately felt a sense of freedom and relief, as if solopreneurship was what I was made for.

Unfortunately, with this freedom of working outside the standard four walls came the isolation of holing myself up at home, clad in four-day old pajamas and two-day old unkempt hair. (I know you’re with me!)

The community I so craved

The San Diego chapter of Yellow collective, a community of purposeful solopreneurs out to do good in the world
The San Diego chapter showin’ up and showin’ out at Yellow Conference 2019

Introducing Yellow Co., a community of women who believe work is more than just a paycheck, but a place where we are meant to express ourselves and make a difference in the world.

I stumbled upon this group when I first returned from my missions trip after quitting my career at a high. I was completely lost, embarrassingly broke, and weighed down by shame not knowing what to do next.

Then, an Instagram friend from Austin introduced me to Yellow and invited me to their annual conference, happening every August. Boss women speakers? I’m in. A hive of passionate women, driven to do good through their gifts and talents? Sold. I signed up to volunteer and let those two days of inspiration wash over me: a wave of relief, belonging, and direction I didn’t know I needed.

“I signed up [for the Yellow Conference and] let those two days of inspiration wash over me: a wave of relief, belonging, and direction I didn’t know I needed.”

Access do-good women and resources on your time

Since attending their yearly conferences, I’m excited to announce that Yellow Co. has launched a membership platform online. It is here where you can hear all about the events coming up — expanded from Los Angeles, CA to all around the country — as well as access a “vault” of past talks.

The Yellow Co. leadership team is also fantastic, working round-the-clock to provide support to entrepreneurs such as you and me, as well as to those in 9-5 jobs looking to make a difference from within.

Sign up for the platform for just $39.99 through December 4th and unlock:

  1. inspirational content, such as the “vault” of talks from past speakers like Ruthie Lindsey; Jedidiah Jenkins; Liz Bohannon, and more
  2. practical how-to’s in the form of workbooks
  3. live Q&A’s with other strong women making a difference
  4. a newly-launched online course about nailing your mission statement: an integral foundation to any vision-driven business
  5. a chapter in your area (currently in many cities like San Diego and LA) to meet other women driven with vision who could also become your long-time supporters and friends!
  6. and more!

As a long-time member of Yellow Co. who’s solidified several friendships and helpful business relationships through the community, I totally ship this.

You and this group, that is!

4) TWO MasterClass Subscriptions at $180/Year

Runs Friday, November 29 through Monday, December 2

Sara Blakely is a legend for all entrepreneurs to learn from! Access her MasterClass via the 4 Black Friday Deals for Solopreneurs blog post from Come Alive Co
Sara Blakely teaches self-made entrepreneurship via MasterClass

As solopreneurs, we didn’t exactly go to college to learn how to run a business. That’s why it’s so important to invest in ourselves, more than in a shoddy top on Black Friday that will fall apart in 3 months (can I get an Amen?).

Enter MasterClass: an online fountain of knowledge that has gathered 70+ of the world’s most illustrious businesspeople and creatives to impart their knowledge.

The company has been runnin’ ads like a running man and when Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, popped up as a teacher I was sold. If you’re a lifelong fan of Disney as I am, you may have noticed the string of bold moves they’ve made since Iger took over — an example that any of us solopreneurs could do well to learn from.

Learn from the best in business

Bob Iger and Mickey Mouse of Disney. Bob Iger has taken Disney to new heights through huge risk. Learn from him through this MasterClass deal, via 4 the Black Friday Deals for Solopreneurs blog post
As the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger has made several risky moves that have paid off long-term.

MasterClass offers one series of classes per teacher, with a handful of videos at about 3-5 minutes each per series. Bob Iger joins the ranks of Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx), Anna Wintour (Vogue Editor-in-Chief and all-around legend), and several other A-listers at the top of their industries teaching their strategy and approach in an up-close-and-personal TED talk style dissertation.

Each class goes for $90 individually, although MasterClass is offering TWO year-long subscriptions for $180. This means unlimited access to 70+ crème de la crème teachers in a variety of industries over the next year: for you AND a friend.

Make 2020 the year you say “YES” to yourself — and invest in your dreams.

As a pro shopper who memorized our city’s largest mall and followed my bargain-hunting mom through the racks and rails on Black Friday, I’m tired of spending my hard-earned dollar on knick-knacks I’ll no longer look at in the next year.

As a solopreneur and business owner, I want to invest in the things that’ll last: my health and my wealth — especially in the knowledge arena.

Are there any Cyber Monday Deals for solopreneurs I missed? If so, please leave a comment with a link or message me at @comealive.co on Instagram; let’s get our community thrivin’ and drivin’ with mega-confidence this next year!

Che Elizaga Castro of Come Alive Co, a Brand Story Copywriting Studio, cheersing to your success as a solopreneur in 2020!
Cheersing to your business in 2020!

Cheers to your success do-good boss, and to a blow-up 2020 that far exceeds both of our dreams.

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